Auto shipping to Africa

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Terms of Service

Here are our terms of Services;

Please read all our 21  Terms very carefully before requesting for our shipping services.

1.  We are operating in Austria and we follow the law and order of transacting business in Austria.

2.  Every Vehicles to be shipped must be in a very good condition.

3.  We dont shipped any stollen vehicle.  

4. Ensure you have the receipt of car purchasse and car papers on your disposal.

5.  We dont shipped damaged vehicles

6.  We dont ship any vehicle with oil or fuel lickages.

7.  Every vehicle brought to us for shipment must be with good battery and can be started and drivable.

8.  We ship mainly empty vehicles (in case of loads inside the vehicle, we are not to be head responsible for any lost of goods inside the vehicle.

9.  If a vehicle is loaded, the customer should ensure the safety of the goods inside himself.

10.  Only allowed goods are to be loaded inside the vehicle as accepted in Austria and the port of destination country.

11.  Goods to be loaded inside the vehicles should be properly packaged in cattons or bags.

12.  In case of overload which we cannot control, if any problem arrives on the road from Police or customs Stops; the owners of the goods or his agent are to be head responsible for the fine.

13.  Every customer should endeavour to pay the correct amount of shipping his or her vehicle or container on time to avoid extra payments of clearance.

14.  Every customer should endeavour to collect his or her bill of lading on time after full payments of shipment fee.

15. Every customer should liase with his or her agent in destination port to clear of his consignment. 

16.  We try our best to safe guard your vehicle but we dont have any responsibility of the loads loaded inside the vehicles or container. 

17.  If you have valuable good to be exported, the use of DHL, UPS, EMS or Post service is strictly advised.   

18.  Endeavour to properly declare all goods loaded inside your vehicles or container to avoid Port Custom Stops.

19.  In case of rare cases of custom stop vehicle or container, the owner or his agent of the consignment has to bear any fine for not properly declaring his goods.

20.  In addition to Terms (19), the owner of the goods or his agent has to face any legal action that may arrose.

21.  If the ship arrives to port of Destination after 7 days and the owner is unable to pay for the shipment fees ; we have every right to clear the car, sell it off  and the goods loaded; we then remove our expenses and pay back the owner rest if any or the owner pays us the difference if the unit is worthless.