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New Port Regulation from 15th Sept. 2019

Posted by on September 21, 2019 at 1:55 AM

Ports of Antwerp new regulations:  From Monday September  15  2019.



All vehicles should have a packing list in the lower right corner of the front window.

For trailers: on the front of the trailer.


CARS & SUV's  (Jeeps)

Cars & SUV's can only be loaded with personal effects in the trunk.

Small and Big Vans

 In open compartments.

Passenger vans, cargo is only allowed up to shoulder height of seats.

In closed compartments, cargo is only allowed up to half of the height of the compartment.


Trucks & Trailers

Terminals will do physical checks on the seaworthiness of the cargo.

This means that all cargo inside should be well lashed and secured.

Loose cargo is not allowed.

This regulaations apply for both Grimaldi and Sallum lines shipping ports.

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